Elle Fanning has ''thousands'' of gum wrappers.

The 'Teen Spirit' actress ''loves'' chewing gum and used to always hold on to their packaging, which she kept in boxes under her bed.

She said: ''I also love gum, and I have a gum wrapper obsession. Dubble Bubble wrappers. Bazooka wrappers. I would chew the gum and then save all the wrappers in shoeboxes under my bed. I have thousands.

The 21-year-old actress also used to walk around with chicken bones in her bag because she thought the brought her good luck.

She told W magazine: ''I also had a wishbone obsession. When we had chicken, we would play the wishbone game, and if I won, I'd keep the bone in my purse. The wishbones gave me good luck.''

But Elle's first obsession was with late actress Marilyn Monroe and her childhood highlight was donning the iconic star's underwear.

She recalled: ''One of my first obsessions was Marilyn Monroe. I discovered her when I was seven years old.

''I dressed up as her in 'The Seven Year Itch' and went and tried on all her bras at an auction of her personal things. I was totally in character. It was very amusing for everybody.''

The 'Maleficent' star recalled making her first ''big'' fashion purchase in France and she's pleased it's a garment she still loves now.

She explained: ''My first big purchase was at Chanel in Paris. I was allowed to get one thing, and I chose a floor-length jeans skirt. My mom was surprised, but she liked that it was a daring choice. I loved that skirt. And I still have it.''