Bregman, born Louis I. Bregman, passed away on Sunday evening (08Jan17) at his home in Los Angeles after a long battle with Alzheimer's disease, his family confirmed.

He left school after (Bazoom) I Need Your Lovin' by The Cheers, which he conducted and helped orchestrate, hit the charts. He was hired at the Verve record label and while there he worked as an arranger for artists such as Crosby and Fred Astaire.

He also served as the musical director for U.S program The Eddie Fisher Show, arranged two Fitzgerald albums, worked on four with Sammy Davis, Jr. served as Ethel Merman's personal arranger and produced the 1956 album Bing Sings Whilst Bregman Swings.

Bregman directed and produced TV specials and documentaries that featured Crosby, Judy Garland and Shirley Bassey, and was the first American director to be hired by the BBC, where he made specials.

He also worked in the movies, orchestrating the film version of Broadway hit The Pajama Game, as well as composing Five Guns West, The Wild Party, The Delicate Delinquent, Born Reckless, and The Cat Burglar.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, he is survived by his son Barry and his daughter Tracey E. Bregman, who plays Lauren Fenmore on U.S. soap opera The Young and the Restless.