Ground-breaking jazz drummer STAN LEVY died at Los Angeles' Valley Presbyterian Hospital last Tuesday (19APR05), just two months after undergoing cancer surgery. He was 79.

Levy enjoyed a successful musical career which saw him collaborate with a galaxy of jazz stars including CHARLIE PARKER, Ella Fitzgerald, Miles Davis and DIZZY GILLESPIE.

Musician TERRY GIBBS describes his friend, who also provided percussion for Frank Sinatra and Barbra Streisand, as the perfect jazz drummer: "He sat back there and gave you that good time to where you can go anywhere you want to go rhythmically and musically."

Levy also worked on a host of television show soundtracks and theme tunes including MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE, Batman and The Munsters.

In 1973, Levy turned his back on professional drumming to pursue a career as a photographer.

25/04/2005 09:40