Ella Eyre had a crush on her own cousin.

The 20-year-old singer admits it can be ''weird'' having a huge family as she doesn't know all her relatives, which led to an embarrassing incident of her finding a hunky relative attractive.

She said: ''I've got a huge Jamaican family, some I don't know. I was walking on the beach one day with my dad thinking [about a stranger], 'He's good looking'. And my dad said, 'Yeah, that's your cousin'. Weird.''

While Ella is flattered by comparisons to Rita Ora, she admits she doesn't understand them.

She said: ''She's beautiful, so if people tell me I look like her I'm like, 'Thanks'. But I don't think I do.

''Rita Ora's been compared to Rihanna and they do not look the same.''

The 'If I Go' singer used to be a fan of Rihanna but is put off now by her ''sexualised'' image.

She added in an interview with LOOK magazine: ''I've gone through phases with Rihanna. I loved 'S&M', that's my favourite. Then I think the whole sexualised image put me off a bit. I'm not like that.''