Ella Eyre washes her hair once every two weeks.

The 23-year-old singer admits her locks take a lot of work, and if she doesn't have a professional blow dry, her thick tresses take two whole days to dry, so she tries to keep handling them to a minimum.

She said: ''My hair is so much work. The finished look is fantastic, but if I wash it and don't have it blow-dried, it will take two days to dry.

''So I wash it once every two weeks, which I can get away with because it's dry and curly and then I have it tonged.

''I have some pieces in it, but only because it goes through so much when we are filming or shooting. I only trust three people to do my hair - if they are not available, I can do it myself, but it takes ages.''

The 'Came Here For Love' singer favours a simple beauty look and hates the way some people mask their true selves by layering on too much product.

She told Britain's HELLO! magazine: ''People nowadays wear so much make-up that you can't figure out how old they are.

''I mean, I'm 23 and I should look like I'm 23, so for me, less is better.

''I don't really have [a beauty icon] because what I like in make-up is really simple...

''I don't like to wear a lot of base. I use a long-lasting Estee-Lauder Double Wear concealer, then I love the Armani Luminous Silk foundation, in a mix of shades and then my all-time favourite MAC eyeliner that lasts through everything.

''It's called Point Black and I can go all day and not have to redo it - it's so good I have trouble taking it off for bed.''