Ella Eyre feels ''constantly criticised'' for her looks.

The 23-year-old singer has slammed body shaming critics who ''analyse'' the way she looks, and has blamed them for making her ''worry about'' her body.

She said: ''One of the problems of being in the public eye is that you are constantly analysed and criticised. You see your picture from a bad angle and you worry about it. When you think about it in the grand scheme of things, what you're hung up on the most, people spend about a second thinking about.''

But the 'Together' singer tries to ignore the criticism she receives, as she says she ''can't let it affect [her]'' for the sake of her career.

Speaking during an appearance on UK TV show 'Loose Women', Ella said: ''It's the pressures of having to deal with it. I just have to let it be the least of my worries. If I want to progress in my career, I can't let it affect me.''

And despite having hang ups about her body, Ella previously admitted she doesn't have a strict routine when it comes to working out, but will hit the gym when it fits in with her hectic schedule.

She said: ''My view on it is I don't like to over think about it too much. I enjoy working out but I make sure I can do as much as I can in a week, it depends on my schedule.

''It could be as little as twice or as much as seven times a week. It really depends on how early and late I'm going to bed, and also I watch what I eat but not that much.

''I'm not going to stop eating things that I really enjoy, I'm just going to eat them in moderation and not as regularly as I used to.''