Ella Eyre ''hasn't spoken'' to anyone about the death of her father.

The 23-year-old singer was left stunned when her father - who resided in Jamaica - passed away in April just one day before she was due to perform a comeback show at London's Koko, and has admitted she hasn't talked about his death because she'd rather ''throw [her]self into work'' and not think about her loss.

Speaking on UK TV show 'Loose Women' on Wednesday (16.08.17), Ella said: It was two days after my birthday and the day before my comeback show in London. It was weird, if anything. The only person that knew was my tour manager.

''The love was unconditional, but he wasn't in my life all the time. I sat in the car thinking, 'I don't want my dad to look down on me and see me a mess.'

''I haven't spoken about it at all. I'm lucky that I'm back in the cycle so I can throw myself into work.''

The 'Came Here for Love' singer waited a week after her father's death before she shared the heartbreaking news with her fans, in which she said she didn't think the tragedy would ''ever sink in''.

She wrote at the time: So this is a weird one.. not a lot of people know it's been a solid week since my dad passed away, yup yup, the day before koko and f**k me it's been just.. bizarre and hard to accept.

I'm not entirely sure it will ever truly sink in but right now i just feel like i wanna acknowledge and let it be known what a legend he was, so charming, SO cool, so full of love, a rare human being.

''My sister and i are so blessed to have been able to call dad may you finally rest in real peace where ever you are rasta we love you pa.''