Singer/songwriter Marc Cohn has responded to reports suggesting he cheated on his wife, U.S. newswoman Elizabeth Vargas, while she was in rehab, revealing he will be supportive of his partner "regardless of the long-standing issues in our relationship".

The Walking in Memphis singer is refusing to confirm or deny the story, but admits the last year has been "a tough road for all of us."

In a statement obtained by Cohn says, "I will not comment on what is an extremely sensitive and private family matter - addiction and recovery are serious challenges and... I have been supportive of Elizabeth in the past - and will continue to be."

Vargas, a news anchor for U.S. show 20/20, entered rehab at the end of last year (13) to seek treatment for alcohol abuse. She returned to Tv in January (14).

She and Cohn wed in 2002 and have two sons, aged 11 and seven.