LATEST: A man suspected of shooting singer-songwriter MARC COHN during an attempted carjacking has been arrested after a stand-off with police.

The Grammy-winning WALKING IN MEMPHIS singer was allegedly shot in the temple late on Sunday (07AUG05) by JOSEPH WILLIAM YACTEEN, who is believed to have fired into the star's band's van in a Denver, Colorado, parking garage.

Cohn, who is married to US newswoman Elizabeth Vargas, was treated at a hospital and released the following day. He cancelled the remaining five stops of his tour with Suzanne Vega.

The bullet grazed Cohn's driver and tour manager THOMAS DUBE, who also was treated and released.

Police spokesman SONNY JACKSON says the bullet appeared to have been slowed by the van's windshield and by Dube before hitting Cohn.

Jackson admits, "Frankly, I can't tell you how he survived."

Police arrested Yacteen late on Monday (08AUG05) outside a vacant house where he had holed up for hours, negotiating with police. The stand-off ended when he was forced out by tear gas, pointed a gun at officers and was shot with a non-lethal rubber ball.

Yacteen, 26, was being held on suspicion of attempted murder, robbery and other charges. In addition, an arrest warrant had been issued after he missed a court hearing on 15 July (05) in a drug and weapons charge.