Screen legend Elizabeth Taylor was so thrilled by a recent adventure swimming with sharks, she's decided to swim with them again to celebrate her 75th birthday next year (07). The Oscar winner was submerged in a shark cage off the Hawaiian islands last month (AUG06) and was shocked when she returned home to discover tabloid reports claiming she was near death. She tells American publication People, "My son called me just after I came back from Hawaii. He said, 'I saw in the supermarket, 'Liz Fading Fast.'" She adds sarcastically, "Now, I really look like I'm fading fast?" Taylor admits the press reports bother her "when it has to do with my health and they say I'm dying". In fact, the star was exhilarated by her exciting shark encounter adding, "There were 12 sharks cruising the cage! The water was very warm. It was beautiful. I had a T-shirt on that said 'shark-bait'!" Taylor enjoyed the experience so much, she's planning on going back again for her 75th birthday next February (07) saying, "I'm going to celebrate it by going shark diving! I've decided everyone should go shark diving!"