Late British royal PRINCESS MARGARET conducted a series of one-night stands in London hotels, according to a new book. Margaret's friend, actor VICTOR SPINETTI, claims the princess enjoyed her trysts in the late 1960s while married to LORD SNOWDON. However, in his upcoming memoirs UPFRONT Spinetti denies ever having slept with Margaret himself. He says, "I'd have been too frightened. She was a very powerful woman and that can be intimidating." Spinetti also claims Margaret upset Elizabeth Taylor by paying a lot of attention to her then-husband Richard Burton at a party. He says, "She started monopolising Richard. The only time she included Elizabeth was when she looked at a ring she was wearing and said, 'What a huge diamond! How vulgar, but I'd love to wear it.'" Princess Margaret, sister of British monarch Queen Elizabeth II, died in 2002 aged 71.