Elizabeth Taylor's wedding dress sells for over £100K

Elizabeth Taylor's first wedding dress has been sold for a staggering £121,875.

The shell-white satin gown the legendary Hollywood actress wore to wed Conrad Hilton Jr. in 1950 - the first of her seven husbands - was expected to sell between £30,000 and £50,000 when auctioned at Christie's in London yesterday (26.06.13), but has been bought by an unnamed institution for almost triple the amount.

Elizabeth was gifted the luxurious dress by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer - the film studio the 'Cleopatra' actress was contracted to at the time - for her big day, but the star's subsequent marriage came to an abrupt end just nine months after her nuptials, and she went on to tie the knot seven more times to six different men.

The glamorous gown was rumoured to have taken 15 seamstress almost three months to complete and comes with a built-in corset of just 20 inches wide, a 15 yard train and is covered with bugle beads and seed pearls.

Christie's director Nicolette Tomkinson said at the event: ''The dress is inextricably tied to the golden age of Hollywood, as well as to the extraordinary life and career of the star who wore it. Since it was unveiled, it has attained global appreciation, resulting in competitive bidding for it today.''


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