Elizabeth Olsen volunteers at a rape support centre.

The 'Wind River' actress began visiting a facility while researching her role in new drama 'Wind River' and was so touched by their work, she undertook a training course to help run the playroom and now goes back every Tuesday to help out.

She said in an interview with ES magazine: ''I ended up visiting the rape treatment centre in Santa Monica. It's an amazing facility, for adults and minors. I was like, 'What could I actually do?'

''Going and playing cards with a bunch of really sweet people and just making them feel like a kid when they're going through a traumatic experience -- that to me is something I can walk away and be happy with... You make connections. If you go at the same time every week you see the same people.

''I see the same people every week when I'm in town. It's a beautiful community... It's really an incredible, supportive place. I love being a part of it.''

The 28-year-old actress is upset at the state of her home country, the USA, but is pleased that so many people have come together to protest and take action against controversial president Donald Trump.

She said: It's horrible to think how the rest of the world is viewing the United States right now. You don't really know how to fix it as an individual because you can't.

''What is cool about what's happening right now, however, is that while people have always talked about causes that they are interested in, now they are actually actively a part of them.''

Elizabeth is currently on the lookout for the right endorsement deal that would boost her profile and help the independent films she loves working on attract financial backing, but something that also ''gives back'' to a cause.

She said: ''People want to be a part of something that's giving back to something else.

''I would like to be a part of that because it's something that I would be proud of.

''But it's also something that would help me as an actor trying to get films made.''