Elizabeth Olsen finds sex scenes ''incredibly awkward.''

The 'In Secret' star, who is dating 32-year-old model Boyd Holbrook, tried to create a safe environment with her co-star, Oscar Isaac, before filming intimate moments for the new movie, in which they play secret lovers in 1860's Paris.

The actress told E! News: ''It's incredibly awkward. But you have to feel safe and you have to feel respected and you just provide that for each other. You create a safe environment. In those situations you're just thinking about what's the choreography her? It's like a dance in a way. You get it done.''

The 'Kill Your Darlings' star also had to wear corsets in the film alongside her co-star Jessica Lang but they weren't as uncomfortable as she thought they would be.

She said: ''The corsets are kind of fun. The most uncomfortable thing is figuring out how to sit in between scenes. Jessica [Lange] and I would just prop up our legs on a table and just be like this huge hoop scoop reclined. It's not that uncomfortable.''

Elizabeth is set to turn 25 on February 16 and is planning a very artistic celebration.

She said: ''My friends and my boyfriend are throwing me a painting party! We're painting.''

She added: ''I'm terrible. That's why it sounds like fun.''