Elizabeth Olsen ''has'' to have a stylist.

The 'Martha Marcy May Marlene' actress - who is the sibling of fashion designer twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen - admits she is a big fan of fashion but requires someone to help her because she is aware everything she dons is a ''statement''.

She said: ''You literally have to use a stylist. There's no way you can figure it all out, especially when you are working on a film.

''Now whatever you wear is like a huge statement to the world. So you have to have someone help you figure it all out.''

Elizabeth uses Cher Coulter - who was voted one of the Hollywood Reporter's 2012 most powerful stylists - and she admits she enjoys clothes even more because of her.

She added: ''I love clothes and my stylist Cher is so cool. I have a lot of fun with her. For a while I had no clue and I didn't even like to wear dresses to begin with. Now it's fun, like playing dress up.''