Elizabeth Hurley's boyfriend Arun Nayer has filed for divorce from his wife of eight years, freeing him to marry the model-turned-actress.

The Indian businessman has been dating Hurley for three years since he split from VALENTINA PEDRONI, but has continued to live in their marital home in Bombay.

Pedroni's lawyer yesterday (12APR05) revealed Nayer has filed for divorce, citing his wife's "cruel behaviour" and "mental torture" as a reason.

MRINALINI DESHMUKH (corr) says, "He has said in his petition that my client Valentina was cruel to him.

"That is the ground on which is seeking divorce form my client. I cannot reveal more than this."

The pair are reported to have agreed a $1.2 million (GBP620,000) settlement for Pedroni.

13/04/2005 13:34