Elizabeth Hurley bends down to touch her toes and waves her arms around before she goes to high-profile events - to ensure none of her body parts will slip out of her dress.

The British actress, who catapulted to fame after wearing a risque Versace dress to the 1994 premiere of Four Weddings And A Funeral, admits that while she likes her clothes to be formfitting, she draws the line at exposing herself.

She says, "It's always been a standard of mine, before I go out, because I like clothes that show the body beautifully. I like clothes to be really safe. I don't like things slipping off or digging in.

"So I always have a thing - before I go out in an evening dress, I bend down and touch my toes, stand up and wave my arms around and if anything moves I don't wear it... I like clothes which absolutely fit beautifully."

20/04/2005 13:49