Actress Elizabeth Hurley's married lover Arun Nayar returned to his marital home in Milan yesterday (12MAY03) to beg his wife for a divorce.

The Indian businessman remains married to model VALENTINA PEDRONI, who has vowed to make any divorce proceedings as lengthy as possible.

Nayar, 37, visited his wife and the spent time discussing the situation and were pictured taking their dogs for a walk.

A pal says, "They spent two or three hours together. The atmosphere was distinctly frosty. They talked over everything that has happened but, as far as Valentina is concerned, it is over and she just wants to get on with her life now.

"The subject of divorce was broached but she will not make it easy for Liz Hurley. She and Arun parted amicably and kissed each other on the cheek when he left. They remain friends, despite everything."

13/05/2003 13:25