British actress Elizabeth Hurley was left reeling with shock at DENIS LEARY's comedy event on Thursday (18JUN03) - when a comedian branded her new boyfriend gay.

The BEDAZZLED actress, who recently embarked on a red-hot romance with Indian millionaire Arun Nayar, took her new beau along to pal Leary's comedy roasting - but her boyfriend ended up taking some of the heat from a comedian's outburst.

American TV host JOY BEHAR says, "Elizabeth Hurley was on the stage with all these 'types' sitting up there. Elizabeth's wearing white and they're looking extremely fabulous.

"This comedian gets up and goes, 'And Elizabeth Hurley, who's here with her ambiguously gay date.' She turned white!"

And Behar believes Hurley's demeanour provoked the attack.

She adds, "Don't act posey around comedians, that's the key. You can't touch comedians, I tell you that right now."

24/06/2003 02:04