Model and actress Elizabeth Hurley was amazed when she fell pregnant - because suddenly she wanted a child more than anything.

The British BEDAZZLED beauty and former beau Steve Bing had a well-publicised war of words when the producer refused to accept his paternity of baby DAMIAN, now 17 months old. But despite the trying situation, Liz soon realised what was important.

She says, "Becoming unexpectedly pregnant, and then violently single, brought the hazy future into sharp focus. In spite of the less than ideal circumstances, the most staggering thing of all was that I was thrilled at the idea of having a baby.

"Suddenly it seemed the best, most natural thing in the world and there has never been a moment when I've wavered from that view.

"My pre-Damian life bears no resemblance to my life now. Having Damian has given me the courage to build the life I've always wanted, because I have someone to do it for and with now. I dreamt for years of living in the country, but it wasn't until I had Damian that I dared to cut down significantly on my work commitments and buy a farm in Gloucestershire.

"My life is scary at times and there are moments when I want to hide under the duvet when I start to count the number of balls I'm trying to keep in the air at once.

"However, one glance at little Damian's face sends my sprits soaring again and I know that I'm the luckiest girl in England."

02/10/2003 17:13