Hollywood actress Liz Hurley desperately wants a second child - but will only conceive once she is married to boyfriend Arun Nayar.

The AUSTIN POWERS star, 39, is determined to avoid a repeat of the situation when former lover Steve Bing walked out on her when she was pregnant with their child DAMIAN, now two. Bing denied he was the child's father, until DNA tests proved otherwise.

And, because of the personal devastation this caused her, Hurley wants to marry Nayar before providing Damian with a sibling.

An insider says, "She is desperate for another baby. She is very clucky and wants a playmate for Damian.

"She has been talking a while about starting a family with Arun, but after what happened with Bing she has vowed never to have another baby out of wedlock.

"Although Damian was the best thing to happen in Liz's life, she went through sheer hell with Bing and hates him for what he put her through. She has cut him out of her life for good now and knows she has found true love with Arun.

"Liz knows her biological clock is ticking and she wants to have a baby now. It's putting quite a lot of pressure on her and Arun.

"But she has told her inner circle there is no way she would have another baby unless she is married. She's terrified that what happened with Bing could happen again.

"She was hoping that Arun would pop the question this year (04), but so far no one has been informed of an imminent wedding."

01/08/2004 14:24