British actress/model Elizabeth Hurley has turned her back on London living - for the sake of her young son DAMIAN.
The Austin Powers star has lived in the U.K. capital for years, but bought a sprawling estate in Gloucestershire, England in 2003 so she, husband Arun Nayar and her seven-year-old son could spend weekends and holidays in the countryside.
And now Hurley has made a permanent move to the property - because Damian thrived away from city life.
She says, "I bought a farm about six years ago. We used to do London in the week, with my son at school there, and go every weekend but we got very stressed by it and in the end we just thought, 'It's so beautiful and Damian's so much happier down here.'
"He loves the fresh air and running around outside, because he was so cooped up in London, so we made the big decision last Easter and moved down there full time."
The 44 year old initially struggled with the move - but she's convinced it was worth it.
Hurley adds, "It's a big chance for a city girl, but I love it. It's where my son's supposed to be. It's a little harder for me and my husband but it's worth it."