The Four Weddings actress, Elizabeth Hurley has spoke about her plans to extend her family after her wedding.

However, the pressure to have more children is coming from her four year old son! Liz's son Damian, from her previous relationship with film producer Steven Bing, hopes to have a brother and a sister named after his favourite Scooby Doo characters.

Speaking to Marie Claire magazine, she said: "Damian is obsessed with me having another child. He wants a girl named Daphne and a boy called Fred. He talks about it every day, saying 'Mummy, when you put Daphne in the school next door to mine, will Fred grow into my clothes?'."

Liz is expected to host a lavish marriage ceremony in India when she ties the knot with long term partner, Millionaire Arun Nayer. However, she admitted that there will be no baby attempts before the big day, saying "I'm too vain."

The star, who is also godmother to Victoria and David Beckham's sons Romeo and Brooklyn, is currently in pre-production for her new romantic comedy The Last Guy on Earth with Yasmine Bleeth and Joan Rivers.

10/12/2006 12:02:23