Actress Elizabeth Hurley flew into a rage at airline staff yesterday (28APR03) when they refused to upgrade her boyfriend Arun Nayar to sit with her in first class.

The AUSTIN POWERS star had a $8,724 (GBP5,816) ticket with BRITISH AIRWAYS (BA) to fly first class to Barbados from London's GATWICK AIRPORT - but her Indian lover was travelling on an Air Miles ticket in club class.

However, when BA staff refused her request to upgrade Nayar to first class, Hurley exploded, spluttering the infamous line, "Do you know who I am?"

She continued, "I bloody demand that he's upgraded. Don't you know he's a millionaire?"

An eyewitness tells British newspaper THE DAILY MIRROR, "Liz went really mad at the staff. She was a complete diva. It was shocking to watch.

"When she realised nothing would change, Liz began kissing Arun. It was comical to watch."

After Hurley took her complaint to the airline's Special Services department a first class seat was eventually found for Nayar.

29/04/2003 02:12