English beauty Elizabeth Hurley is so smitten with her Indian fiance ARUN NAYAR, she is learning as many words of love in Hindi as she can.

The Estee Lauder model's favourite title for her tycoon husband-to-be is "mera chan makhana" (my butter moon), while Nayar calls her "piyaree", (beautiful girl).

A friend of the star says, "Liz and Arun are madly in love. She can't wait for her wedding day to come - and to start a family.

"She started taking Hindi lessons because she loves the country and wants embrace all its traditions."

"She sometimes calls Arun 'Jann' (life), which husbands and wives often use in India as a term of affection.

"Arun is thrilled that Liz is learning the language and calls her 'Piyaree' which means 'beautiful girl'."

19/06/2005 14:01