BEDAZZLED star Elizabeth Hurley remains stunned that a Versace dress kick-started her career - because she'd never heard of the prestigious clothing label beforehand.

The British beauty turned heads and landed in the pages of countless publications around the world when she accompanied then-boyfriend Hugh Grant to the 1994 premiere of his movie Four Weddings And A Funeral wearing a risque black Versace dress which was held together with safety pins.

And Hurley admits she'd have never had the opportunity if she'd had enough clothes of her own.

She says, "At the time I didn't have any money and I had almost no clothes. And Hugh had a big premiere that night... I'd never been to a premiere in my life, and somebody said, 'I think people lend clothes.' I said, 'Wow, I didn't know that.'

"They said, 'There's this great designer called Versace,' who I'd actually never heard of, which is bizarre, but I hadn't. So basically I was sent along to a PR office, somebody handed me a dress. They didn't even have a full-length mirror in that office.

"I took it home and we didn't have a full-length mirror in our apartment at the time. We were in a tiny one-bedroom, so I actually never really saw it until it turned out to be on the front of nearly every newspaper."

20/04/2005 02:34