Elizabeth Hurley has always been an exhibitionist who regularly paraded around drunk at parties without any underwear on, according to a new biography.

Biographer ALISON BOWYER has tracked down the model/actress' teenage pals to find out what Hurley was like before she became famous.

And she discovered the 38-year-old has always been fond of showing off her body.

In LIZ HURLEY UNCOVERED, which hits book stores in September (03), old pal DEBRA HOLDEN recalls parties where Liz would let it all hang out - and refuse to wear knickers.

She recalls, "Liz used to go topless around the pool in the summer. She always had nice boobs.

"Liz would get drunk and start crawling across the floor at some party and forget that it was all showing."

19/06/2003 20:58