Elizabeth Hurley's pet parrot wants a special stand for her birthday.

The model-and-actress' feathered friend, a Blue Fronted Amazonian breed she has named Ping Pong, spotted the perfect present in an old magazine belonging to Elizabeth.

The brunette beauty tweeted: "Ping Pong has asked for a special parrot stand for her birthday. She saw a beauty in a back issue of Vogue or Tatler. Need to source it."

The British star - who is currently starring as villain Veronica Cale in the new TV series of 'Wonder Woman' - also revealed her parrot hates it when she is away from home working and tries to peck her when she returns.

Writing to her rumoured boyfriend, Australian cricket legend Shane Warne, on twitter, she revealed: "@warne888 Ping is being very sweet but is desperate to peck me. Punishing me for absence. Just gave her half my peanut butter on toast . Ping Pong shouted 'Num Num' at me when I walked in. That's her word for sunflower seed. She got 3 and a beak stroking."

Ping Pong is sure to be upset with Elizabeth as she left the parrot at home again to jet out to India to cheer on Shane as he captains cricket team the Rajasthan Royals in the Indian Premier League.

She tweeted: "Pouring with rain in.....India! What? Some mistake, surely...Should have brought our wellies..... (sic)"