Elizabeth Hurley's parrot has a crush on Shane Warne.

The actress' bird - a blue fronted Amazonian breed named Ping Pong - has a twitter page with over 5,000 followers, and after a tweet from the Australian cricketer, has admitted he is "bossier" than his owner but he still loves him.

Elizabeth, who is thought to control the parrot's twitter page, wrote: "Yes, my sweet Australian, I still have a crush on u. You're even bossier then Keeper but I can be submissive. And v sweet.(sic)"

The 'Bedazzled' actress - who recently filmed a role in 'Gossip Girl' - has been mocking her new boyfriend recently on twitter after he was seen with a new look, including blonde hair and plucked eyebrows.

In a series of tweets, referring to Shane by his initials, she said: "I've decided to take full responsibility for SW's remarkable weight loss & will be publishing my secret, possibly evil, regime shortly (sic)."

Tweeting him directly, she later added: "I'm about to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich-u may watch me as u slowly spoon up your thin & tasteless gruel. Then I'll sit on your back and make you do 200 one armed press ups . And perhaps pin u down and re-tattoo your eyeliner (sic)."