Elizabeth Hurley is worried her lambs are being eaten by foxes while she is in Los Angeles.

The actress-and-model is currently in Los Angeles filming the pilot episode for the new 'Wonder Woman' TV series but she is worried about the animals on her farm in Gloucestershire, South West England.

While pondering about her home, she wrote on her twitter account: "Hope those evil foxes aren't feasting on my early lambs at home."

However, Elizabeth - who is playing an evil villain in the NBC reimaging of the hit 70s show - managed to take her mind off her beloved animals to enjoy The Sights of the city during a day off from shooting.

She added in other tweets: "Beautiful sun in LA - got the day off. Trying to summon the energy to go for a walk . In Malibu, just watched the most beautiful sunset."

The 45-year-old star lives at the farm with her eight-year-old son Damian and keeps lots of different animals including pigs, goats, dogs and even a pet parrot called Ping Pong.

Elizabeth has to cope with numerous animal dramas, and recently she and Damian had to capture an escaped sheep.

She revealed on twitter, she said: "Just finished my new lego-not such a butch one this time. A Barbie house & I couldn't have enjoyed it more. My son looked on with disdain.

"To make it up to him we had a nerf gun battle. I had the machine gun and he had the semi automatic. Tee hee, I won.

"We've also chased escapee sheep, nursed a sick piglet and made pancakes. And watched Glee. (sic)"