Elizabeth Hurley was left embarrassed when she had to be rescued on a ''child's sledge''.

The brunette beauty is currently enjoying a skiing holiday in Switzerland with her 11-year-old son Damien but adverse weather led to disaster for the glamorous star at the weekend.

She tweeted on Saturday (04.01.13): ''Goodnight from the depths of a blizzard in Switzerland .

''Yes, our car got stuck tonight and yes, I had to be ignominiously pulled on a child's sledge. In heels and a dress.(sic)''

The bad weather means Elizabeth - who is believed to have split from fiance Shane Warne - and Damien have been unable to do much skiing, but found an unusual way to entertain themselves instead.

She revealed: ''Making a video star pop video with my son. Def not for public consumption.''

Earlier in the evening, Elizabeth had not been planning anything so hectic.

She had pondered: ''Brisk walk round lake- ok a slow trudge- has left me feeling semi invigorated and semi exhausted. Lying on bed now plotting next move.

''Attacking my inbox would be sensible.....Going to the gym would be exemplary behaviour....But nibbling the old Lindt and reading my book is going to win. Harold Acton's biography of Nancy Mitford it is....(sic)''

The 48-year-old actress has found time to enjoy the outdoors with Damien when the snow has eased, but their exploits have left her exhausted.

She wrote yesterday (05.01.13): ''About to go on a 8km toboggan ride. Help....''

A few hours later, she added: ''Survived! I had my 11 year old son as my passenger so am s-h-a-t-t-e-r-e-d (Sic)''