British model/actress Elizabeth Hurley has shared her top lifestyle tips with fans, admitting she rarely diets and avoids all alcohol apart from vodka.
The Bedazzled star has opened up about her eating habits and style choices in an article for Amuse magazine, titled 18 Lessons In Life By Elizabeth Hurley.
In the piece, the brunette beauty admits she gave up drinking Champagne and wine three years ago and never eats processed food, while she encourages fans to ditch artificial ingredients in favour of home-cooked recipes.
She writes, "I almost never eat anything from a tin or a packet as I'm passionate about home-cooked food and am convinced that eating processed food encourages weight gain. If you think about it, a homemade cake only has four ingredients; butter, eggs, sugar and flour but if you look at the ingredient list of a shop-bought cake it can be quadruple that - and most of it is stuff you don't want in your body. I like food in its simplest state."
Hurley goes on to urge readers to take up cooking and put family and friends before work, and also reveals she is preparing to expand her business empire by opening a stand-alone shop for her swimwear range in Marbella, Spain.