Elizabeth Hurley and her 11-year-old son love watching movies together.

The brunette beauty and Damian - her child with American film producer Steve Bing - share a mutual love of films and the theatre and Hurley says the youngster's passion has stopped her from getting jaded by her favourite arts.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz at the Comparethemeerkat.com event at The Troxy in East London last night (21.08.13), she said: ''I think having my son, who's 11 now. I'm sort of reliving everything through him again ... you know, as they grow up they're not bored of anything.

''It makes a big difference when your kids like what you do. I'm very lucky because he likes movies, he likes theatre, he likes reading. He likes what I like. If he only liked rugby and cricket it would be tougher, but as it happens we like the same things, so it's nice.''

Hurley, 48, was hosting the party to mark the release of Comparethemeerkat.com's special edition Agent Maiya toy - based on her character agent Vanessa Kensington from comedy movie 'Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery'.

The actress - who is engaged to Australian cricket legend Shane Warne - wasn't too worried about slipping into her skin-tight catsuit again for the campaign, even if she is a bit heavier than when she shot the film in 1997.

She said: ''I've worn lots of catsuits before, but I'm not sure there really is any preparation for it. I suppose if I'd put on 50 pounds since I was last in one, it would be more challenging. I'm quite a bit heavier than 'Austin Powers' but it was fun to do. I was excited. We had a couple [of catsuits] to choose from; the first one fitted like a glove, and for this one we had thigh boots rather than big heels like we had in 'Austin Powers', so it was a little different.''