Elizabeth Hurley is borrowing Christmas decorations from the set of 'The Royals'.

The 51-year-old actress - who plays the fictitious Queen Helena on the E! show - has revealed the producers have kindly shipped over the huge festive props they used in a festive episode of the show so she can decorate her house in the British countryside with them.

She said: ''We have quite a big house in the countryside in England and so we always have everyone [over] to us, so we've got a big Christmas. And what's interesting this year is that in 'The Royals', which episode is it? The Christmas episode?

''Episode six is the Christmas episode in The Royals and we made the red state room into this fantastic winter wonderland with all these huge props from set and they're all coming to my house.

''I've got these big candy canes, I've got icicles, we've got reindeers, we've got Bambi. We've got everything. It's all coming to our house. So this year we're going to have a Royals Christmas at home. It's going to be fantastic. They're coming next week.''

And Elizabeth - who has 14-year-old son Damian with her ex Steve Bing - has promised she will store the props to be used if they're needed again but intends to have them on display every Christmas for the next 50 years.

She added to E! News: ''I promised we'll keep them safely in my barn and if he ever wants them back, he can have them back. Otherwise, we feel that we've got our Christmas decorations for the next 50 years.''