Elizabeth Hurley's parrot can imitate a coffee machine.

The 'Bedazzled' actress - whose pet bird, Ping Pong, even has her own account on Twitter - was surprised to discover she can create the noise of her favourite beverage-making instrument, and believes she is proud of her new achievement.

Elizabeth tweeted: ''My parrot Ping Pong can now imitate the coffee machine. Yes, annoying. She's very pleased with herself (sic).''

However, the British beauty had no time to sit around and be entertained by Ping Pong's antics as she had to clean up the autumn leaves which had fallen into her garden.

She added: ''Autumn leaves everywhere. Am going to do an hour's raking and hopefully burn off all the chocolate I've been wolfing from various mini bars. (sic)''

Elizabeth recently returned to the UK after a trip to Paris to work for the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign, and despite it being among her favourite places, she still struggled with her accommodation.

She tweeted: ''Bonjour Paris! One of my favourite cities in the world. Oh la la......we're in a super smart, swanky hotel, but every time the hairdryer goes on we blow the power (sic).''