Elizabeth Hurley's cricket star boyfriend Shane Warne has dismissed speculation the actress forced him to radically change his appearance, insisting his new look is the "radiant glow" of his relationship happiness.
The Australian sportsman has been mocked by critics after he was photographed looking tanned, slimmer and cosmetically-enhanced.
Hurley was branded the driving force behind Warne's makeover but he's brushed off the rumours, admitting he started a new work-out regime last October (10), before he began dating the brunette beauty.
He tells Melbourne's 3aw radio station, "I wanted to get fitter for TV and started this in October. Elizabeth hasn't got her high heels in the middle of my back saying, 'Come on, you must do 100 push-ups' and 'You can't eat that'.
"I am in love with her... I think that probably gives off a radiant glow too. Being in love with somebody is a wonderful feeling. I am lucky to have met Elizabeth... we've met and we're having a great time.
"She's a lovely lady. We're going really well and it's easy with each other. It's a bit different in her world at times, an eye-opener at times, but we have a giggle about it sometimes."