Elizabeth Hurley had to chase an escaped sheep on Saturday (12.03.11).

The 45-year-old actress - who is well known for her love of animals, and keeps pigs, sheep and dogs on her farm in Gloucestershire, South West England - was enjoying a day with her eight-year-old son Damian when she had to retrieve her woolly friend, which had got out of its pen.

Writing on twitter, she said: "Just finished my new lego-not such a butch one this time. A Barbie house & I couldn't have enjoyed it more. My son looked on with disdain.

"To make it up to him we had a nerf gun battle. I had the machine gun and he had the semi automatic. Tee hee, I won.

"We've also chased escapee sheep, nursed a sick piglet and made pancakes. And watched Glee. (sic)"

It is not the only animal drama to beset 'Austin Powers' star Elizabeth in recent weeks; last month she confessed her pet parrot Ping Pong - a Blue fronted Amazonian - was tormenting her three dogs by copying her "special" whistle.

She said: "Naughty Ping Pong is driving the dogs demented by doing our special 'Doggies come here' whistle every time they lie down for a snooze. (sic)"