Elizabeth Hurley lets her dogs share her bed.

The 'Gossip Girl' actress' fiance Shane Warne is currently in Australia, so in his absence she has been cuddling up to her canine pals.

She wrote on her Twitter: ''Am allowing Raja (secret favourite lab) to sleep with me tonight. He's looking smug on my pillows.

''Tomorrow I'm planning to let the two silly spaniels..... (sic)''

The 47-year-old beauty's kind gesture comes after the dogs were taken ill earlier this year when she returned from a break in Australia with her fiancé and she rushed straight to their side to look after them.

She previously tweeted: ''Home Sweet Home. Wonderful to be back but two of my dogs have been seriously ill for the last 48 hours. Vet thinks poison. Horrific.

''Lucy, the chocolate lab, was hit the worst. She still has bandaged legs where the drip went in. Lots of cuddles......(sic)''

Elizabeth has a soft spot for animals and is a keen livestock farmer at her home in the Gloucestershire countryside, South West England.

Earlier this month she saved one of her hens from being attacked by a fox, also snapping a photo of the cunning creature before it ran off.

She told her followers: ''I saw a fox in my garden this morning - it vanished before i could photograph it, but I got the daffodils! If you look carefully you'll also see a hen pheasant looking very relieved. Mr Fox was probably about to nab her... (sic)''