Elizabeth Hurley's pet parrot has been telling her to "shut up".

The model-and-actress' feathered friend, a Blue Fronted Amazonian breed she has named Ping Pong, has started getting cheeky with her owner, much to her surprise.

Writing to her rumoured boyfriend, Australian cricket legend Shane Warne, on twitter, she revealed: "@warne888 She also does a loud parrot screech and shouts 'Shut Up'-def learnt in pet shop pre me x (sic)"

But when the parrot - a type of bird known for its ability to mimic human speech - isn't being rude, Elizabeth claims her pet can be quite charming.

In another twitter message to Shane, she wrote: "Baby Ping now says 'Hello Darling' and 'Hello Little Girl'. Sweet!"

After spending weeks trying to get her pet to talk, the 45-year-old star now can't seem to shut the bird up.

Last week, she revealed the parrot had started to call her "mama".

She tweeted: "Naughty Ping Pong gave me a hard nip this morning & then put her head on one side & said 'Hello mama.' Cunning little beast. (sic)"