Elizabeth Hurley has revealed she gets on ''incredibly well'' with her ex-boyfriend Hugh Grant's new wife Anna Eberstein.

The 52-year-old actress dated 'Love Actually' star Hugh for 13 years before they announced their split in 2000 but have remained close friends, with the 57-year-old actor even being godfather to her 16-year-old son Damian.

Earlier this month, Hugh tied the knot with Swedish television producer Anna Eberstein - the mother of three of his children - at the Chelsea Register Office in London.

Liz admits she's very pleased for the couple as she simply adores Anna as much as Hugh.

In an interview with the new issue of Grazia magazine, she said: ''(I've known Hugh) way too long, 31 years! Hugh is my oldest friend ... Hugh is very happy with Anna, they've got three kids together and I get on with Anna incredibly well.''

'The Royals' star has also stayed on friendly terms with some of her other exes, including former husband Arun Nayar and one-time fiancé Australian cricket legend Shane Warne.

Liz is proud that she can maintain healthy relationships with her former lovers because she's not a person who can ''annihilate the past''.

She said: ''Arun is my best friend too and I adore Shane, it's pretty hard to break up from a best friend. They're still people you want to share both good and bad things with ... You can't annihilate the past, you have to make friends with it, otherwise you've got these terribly dark areas, we are out past so it would be pretty sad to tear up photographs and delete everything.''

Liz has also hinted she may have a new man in her life, but is remaining tight-lipped about her possible romance because she made a ''vow'' not to spill on any men she's dating unless things are getting serious.

She said: ''We've all lived out of suitcases out entire professional lives, passport in our bags the whole time, all of us in the public eye, we just get it. You can never have any ties in our business, you can never commit. If I had to fly out to New York tomorrow to work I'd go in a heartbeat. People who aren't in that life can find it difficult to adapt.

''I'm not saying anything because it wouldn't be fair, I've made a vow, unless I'm engaged to somebody, I don't talk about anybody.''