The Internet is crucial for celebrity couple Elizabeth Hurley and Shane Warne - she watches clips of her beau online and he relies on Twitter for romantic gifts.
British actress/model Hurley and Aussie cricket ace Warne began dating in 2010 after spending weeks exchanging flirty messages on social networking website Twitter.
Their relationship often spans the globe as they jet between Australia, the U.K. and the U.S. for work - so they use the internet to keep their love alive.
Hurley amuses herself by viewing clips of Warne during his sporting heyday, and he keeps a close eye on her Twitter page for a glimpse at her saucy photos and tips on gifts to buy her.
She tells British magazine Hello!, "Shane has always made me laugh, mostly when he's being either very Australian or when he looks bewildered. I often watch his old cricket clips on YouTube just to see his look of outrage and bewilderment if he disagreed with an umpire's decision."
Warne adds, "I still find her tweets very humorous. I like to find out which books have tickled her fancy or what designer clothes she has seen and liked, so I can write it down in the diary for a present at birthdays or as a surprise.
"But, secretly, I like her tweets about her beachwear and the pics, so I know what I have to look forward to seeing on our next sunny holiday!"