Elizabeth Hurley's co-star in upcoming film METHOD has leapt to her defence - after director Duncan Roy launched a blistering attack on the British beauty's conduct.

OLIVER THOMAS, who shot to fame after starring opposite Joan Collins in THE STUD, was horrified to her Roy's account of working with the Austin Powers beauty - in which he rubbished her acting skills, described her as a diva and told of her trailer sex romps with lover Arun Nayar.

And the chivalrous 54-year-old is keen to set the record straight.

He fumes, "Is this man a pervert? What type of person goes around listening at people's trailers? What's wrong with this man? It's creepy. I am flabbergasted at his remarks.

"Far from her treating her co-stars with contempt, the first thing Liz did when I arrived was to offer me a cup of tea for which I was very grateful.

"She is a lady. She is a consummate professional. I cannot understand this flak being directed at her, especially as she recommended Roy for the job."

27/02/2004 13:59