Elizabeth Edwards, the American author and attorney who died of cancer in December 2010, left her estranged husband John Edwards out of her will, according to the Guardian newspaper. Edwards left all of her possessions to her three surviving children and chose not to include the former US presidential candidate.
Filed at the Orange County Superior Court six days before she died, Edward's will reads, "All of my furniture, furnishings, household goods, jewellery, china, silverware and personal effects, and any automobiles owned by me at the time of my death, I give and bequeath to my children" Back in January 2010, Elizabeth announced that she had separated from John after 32 years of marriage following revelations that he had an extramarital affair and fathered a daughter out of wedlock. Elizabeth was diagnosed with breast cancer the day after her husband and John Kerry were defeated by George W Bush in 2004, and soon became an activist on healthcare issues for woman. Edwards' husband admitted to an affair with a campaign worker in 2008, and after initially denying the allegations he later admitted to fathering a child girl named 'Frances Quinn'.
John and Elizabeth are parents to lawyer Cate, as well as 12-year-old Emma Claire and 10-year-old Jack.