Elizabeth Banks wanted to have ''constricting'' clothes for 'The Hunger Games'.

The actress - who portrays eccentric government official Effie Trinket in the movie - worked closely with the film's stylist Judianna Makovsky when they were coming up with costumes for the film and was always willing to try new things.

Judianna said: ''Elizabeth's so much fun to work with. She tells people that she was my Barbie doll. But she has a lot of good ideas, she knows how things should fit, and she wanted all her clothes to be very constricting -- she has that funny walk [in the movie] because she can't walk any other way.

Her shoes are so outrageously high and uncomfortable, and she wanted that. I'm like, 'Are you sure you can do the scene?' And she's like, 'Yes, I'll do it. I'll take them off in between shots. It'll be fine.' She was miserable, but she did it because she felt it was right.''

However it was not easy for Judianna because she did get to meet with all of the stars of the film to dress them and had to use the Internet for research.

She added to NYMag.com: ''It's interesting: A lot of the actors were unavailable for fittings. Thank God for the age of the Internet. We could send research back and forth, ideas back and forth, and talk on the phone, but a lot of the actors - not Jennifer, and definitely not Elizabeth - their clothes were made without them, and they arrived, like, two days before. We were like, 'We hope this works!'''