Elizabeth Banks is so thankful that her husband is the ''strongest supporter'' of her career.

The 45-year-old actress-and-director says her spouse Max Handelman - a financier with whom she co-founded her production company Brownstone Productions - has ''saved'' her in ''all possible'' ways and was the person who gave her the confidence to step behind the camera and helm movies.

She said: ''Max was the first person to believe in me as a director and he is my strongest supporter. He's saved me in all possible ways.

''So much of your happiness depends on the person you are with and my husband and I are always side-by-side because we run our production company together.

''Max's belief in me has never wavered and I am driven to accomplish as much as I can because I want him to be proud of me.''

Elizabeth - who made her directorial debut on 'Pitch Perfect 2' and has helmed the upcoming 'Charlie's Angels' reboot - also feels very lucky she has a flexible job that allows her a lot of time off with her sons, Magnus, eight, and six-year-old Felix.

Speaking to Psychologies magazine, she said: ''We have help at home and I'm lucky that I have a job where, after I come back from working on a film set for lengthy periods, I get to stay for several months and be with my children.

''I have a good friend who works at the Department of Justice and she leaves her kids early in the morning and comes home late in the evening which, I think, is much harder.

''I spend a lot of time looking after my two young children. I love being a mother and everything that comes with raising a happy family. I've adapted pretty well to managing my time.

''There are so many working mothers who have a lot more stress than me and I still find raising two children can be exhausting - even when you have a great husband to help out.''