The Hunger Games star Elizabeth Banks is paying back Universal executives who gave her the chance to make a movie by helping them find the next untapped director talent.

Banks stepped behind the camera to take charge of the Pitch Perfect sequel and now she's fronting a campaign to find the next great filmmaker.

Universal bosses have teamed up with snack firm Doritos for this year's (15) Crash the Super Bowl contest - and they've recruited the actress to mentor the finalists.

Banks explains, "For nine years running now, they have solicited Doritos commercials and then the winner gets a million freaking dollars and a dream job at Universal... I'm sort of mentoring the 10 finalists.

"Anybody can vote on these really fun commercials that came in. (The winning director's film) airs during the Super Bowl... One of the finalists is actually in his own commercial."

Banks will be going to the Super Bowl football championship, where she hopes to be cheering on her beloved New England Patriots, with the 10 finalists.

She adds, "We all are gonna be in this room watching the game and watching the Tvs and no one knows when or where the ad's gonna air. They don't know if they've won. They won't know until the actual moment it happens."