Elizabeth Banks loves horror movies.

The 45-year-old actress has ''always'' been a fan of scary films and has a particular fondness for zombie and exorcism movies, especially 1978's 'Dawn of the Living Dead' and 1982 classic supernatural horror 'Poltergeist'.

Speaking on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' to promote her new film 'Brightburn', she said: ''I do, I love them. I've always loved them. I like 'Dawn of the Living Dead', I like zombie movies. I also like exorcist old school, I like those kinds of movies. My first big one was 'Poltergeist' which you know is also scary because it's about everyday things which I think are really fun to be afraid of, you know like the static in the TV and the doll that comes to life and the closet that she ends up in.''

The 'Hunger Games' star went on to explain that her upcoming film 'Brightburn' - which follows a young alien (Jackson A. Dunn) who lands on Earth and realises he has super powers - was a ''really cool mash up'' of both the superhero and horror genres.

She said: ''It's a really cool mash up of horror and superhero movie, two things people really love to go see in the theatre, especially mashed together hopefully. It's sort of the origin of a supervillian and it sort of asks the question there's a lot of powerful people in the world do they use their power for the greater good or do they not do that?

''And I feel like there's a lot of anxiety about that right now in the world, at least there is for me and I thought that was something we got to explore in this movie.''