Actress Elizabeth Banks was the perfect choice to play American footballer's wife in new movie INVINCIBLE because she's a sports nut. The SEABISCUIT star plays legendary Philadelphia Eagles star VINCE PAPALE's wife Janet in the biopic and insists the producers couldn't have picked a better person for the role. She says, "I just knew that world growing up and I knew those types of guys. We made the film in Philadelphia, where I went to college and we shot the football scenes on the field on which I graduated from college. "I really grew up on baseball but I love football... I grew up going to games. I'll still get into a football game. "Also my husband is a football fanatic and writes for Yahoo! Sports. So, unless I want to be a Sunday widow, I got to participate in football in some way. I get into it." Banks reveals she would have been a professional athlete had it not been for an unfortunate break: "The only reason I became an actor is because I broke my leg sliding into third base in a softball game and I needed something else to do after school."