The former Neighbours star was caught on camera picking up her child from a restaurant in Kuala Lumpur where he was eating with his father, her ex-husband Ashley Crick, on 10 December (15).

Crick lodged a complaint with local authorities, and Szonert went to a police station in the city on Monday (21Dec15) to give a statement about the incident.

Szonert's mother Kay, who has been looking after the child, declared the actress was still being held in police custody without charge on Monday night.

The actress recently told Australia's New Idea magazine that Crick had allegedly kicked her out of his Kuala Lumpur apartment while she was visiting her son, left her without money and her passport, and refused to let her see their child.

She enlisted the help of Child Recovery Australia to get back to her son, and two staff members joined her at the restaurant.

Col Chapman, a spokesman for agency, told, "It has always been the intention of Ms Szonert to return to Australia with her son to resolve the matter through the proper processes... The entire matter has escalated because of the complaint from Crick."

The former couple separated in 2012.