Eliza Dushku has bad memories of starring in 1993 movie THIS BOY'S LIFE - co-star Robert De Niro was "weird" and LEONARDO DiCAPRIO bullied her.

The BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER star made just her second movie appearance, as an eleven year old, in the film - and didn't appreciate how big the stars she was working with were.

She says, "I was barely aware that I was working with one of the best actors of all time in Robert De Niro. Him and Ellen Barkin were, as far as I was concerned, just these eccentric, weird actor-y people.

"Leo was about four or five years older than me and we definitely had a sibling love-hate relationship.

"At one point he was being a really nasty little brat and cursing me out, saying swear words I hadn't even heard before and I started crying, 'Why are you so mean?' So I told the director."

04/05/2004 17:28